Farmer designers, agriculture on the move

from 14 July 2021 to 8 May 2022

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Misterien, a work by Barbara Schroeder (until 24 February 2022)

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 Barbara Schroeder, Misterien, 2021 © Caroline Corbal Albessard

"Barbara Schroeder looks at farmers, artisans of the earth, in a poetic way. She turns cow excrements into an ancestral mark carrying the memory of the indispensable relationship between living beings and nature. By reinterpreting this relationship and associating it with the basic shapes of architecture, the artist draws through their layouts the foundations of a structure for which we feel, little by little, the intimate experience: an archaeological wander, at once contemporary and symbolic.

By their accumulations and compositions, she creates singularities reminding the first man-made structures – such as the totemic figures or the habitats – making the archaic an edifying contemporaneity.

In the work “Misterien”, Barbara Schroeder gives to this material a sacred and noble dimension: the cradle of the raw material stemmed from life. She profiles by this sensitive reinterpreted ordinary that represents the scrap, a beautiful parable of a circular and infinite “world-made-habitat”. Thus, this work allows another surprising readability of the ills of our societies of waste and accumulation: their prodigious valorisations. Barbara Schroeder shows by these objects of curiosity, the treasure of the cycle of living things symbiosis."

Caroline Corbal Albessard
Doctor and artist-researcher, associate member of the MICA research laboratory
in the ADS section (Art Design Scenography: figures of urbanity), Bordeaux Montaigne University. 
Artistic director of the Metavilla creation studio and gallery in Bordeaux. 

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