Farmer designers, agriculture on the move

from 14 July 2021 to 8 May 2022

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Caroline Miquel

Les Jardins Inspirés, Le Taillan-Médoc, Gironde

“What you have to understand with farmer varieties is that when you plant ten lettuces, you eat nine of them and let the tenth grow and go to seed. We gather them up and we can sow again. We have lettuces for life!” 

Based on respect for living things, Caroline's approach considers the rhythms of the earth and the lunar calendar to carry out all the steps in market gardening, from seed to seed. “The guardian of farmer seeds”, Caroline is in contact with several seed enthusiasts around the world, thanks to whom she has gathered seeds from several hundred varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, aubergines, beans, etc. 

“Given the temperature rise, we need a lot of us to save everything that still exists and get sent aubergine seeds from India and chillies from Peru to see how they adapt to our soils.” 

Each year, she harvests this biodiversity, which she passes on to individuals and Michelin-starred restaurants. Her association Les Jardins Inspirés counts some fifty members who help to make this farm (0,5 ha) a place where knowledge and know-how are shared.

Caroline has planted some of her varieties in the museum's main courtyard.

Caroline Miquel, Les Jardins Inspirés
© madd-bordeaux

Different seeds are presented in the exhibition: 

Snake gourd
courge serpent

Christmas Lima bean
Haricot Christmas Lima

Caramel corn
Maïs caramel

Egyptian flat black beetroot
graines Betterave plate noire d'Egypte

Burnets flowers
graines Pimprenelles fleurs

granes Ciboulette

Lady cacao tomato
graines tomate lady cacao

Radichetta lettuce
graines de Laitue Radichetta

“I was delighted to discover that there were purple and white carrots, orange and two-tone (pink and white) beetroots and lots of other curiosities that you never see at the markets. When I realised that the price of purple cauliflower seeds (an old variety from Italy) was the same as white cauliflower, I began to collect and let others discover them and I’ve never stopped.”

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