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from 14 July 2021 to 8 May 2022

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4. The cooperation of the living

Pierre Rabhi
Farmer and essayist, founder of the Colibris movement, he designed and sponsored this garden.

“The agriculture is essential because no human being can live without food. The agroecology as life ethic and farming technique allows populations to regain food self-sufficiency, security and safety while regenerating and preserving their nourishing heritages. In the oasis where I was born, in the south of Algeria, the traditional agriculture works this way: the date palms shade the shrubs and the shrubs protect the herbaceous layer. Thus, the water resources are preserved and the effect of the sun is reduced. In this garden, the association of the cultivation of sorghum, climbing beans and squashes follows the same principle: the sorghum is used as a support for the bean, the squash covers the soils which limits weeds and evaporation of water, insects and parasites are kept away. This symbolises, in a way, the cooperation of the living.” Pierre Rabhi

The cooperation of the living - place Pierre Renaudel, June 2021 © madd-bordeaux

July 2021 © madd-bordeaux

July 2021 © madd-bordeaux

This garden is maintained by the association Le jardin de Noviciat.
The association is based on a project of a group of people who are willing to take care of Noviciat communal garden. Together, they look after this 165 m² garden, grow vegetables, fruits and flowers and encourage meetings between generations and cultures. 

The tags of the planters were made by primary schools children of Bordeaux. 

This space is alive, take care of it and share with us its evolution: