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from 14 July 2021 to 8 May 2022

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5. Phytoremediation

Anne Fischer
Designer, she designed and sponsored this garden.

Human activities of these last two centuries have massively contaminated the soils, the waterways and the air that surround us, causing terrible environmental, health and socio-economic consequences. Among the rehabilitation solutions, the phytoremediation uses plant species capable of limiting, controlling, or remedying diverse pollutants. If the presence of certain species is enough, others need to be harvested and valued to make the cost of the process profitable and not to be considered as toxic waste. Thus, the duration of these processes enables to imagine a new agriculture based on the singular and resilient resource of these plants. 

Phytoremediation - gare Saint-Jean, June 2021 © madd-bordeaux

The species presented here, according to their fields of action, have the ability to regenerate the grounds that have been severely damaged by our activities. They question the agriculture as a tool that allows the activation of the living’s collective intelligence for the benefit of the living being, a tool of an ecosystem of which us, humans, organised in a society, are one of the links. In this way, can the phytoremediation contribute to reinvent our society? 

June 2021 © madd-bordeaux

July 2021 © madd-bordeaux

This garden is maintained by the association Insert'Net.
The association Insert'Net, structure of integration through economic activity, aims at, under Article L. 322-4-16 of the French Labour Code, “allowing people unemployed, facing particular social and professional difficulties, to benefit from employment contracts in order to facilitate their social and professional integration.”

The tags of the planters were made by primary schools children of Bordeaux. 

This space is alive, take care of it and share with us its evolution: