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from 14 July 2021 to 8 May 2022

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Domaine Emile Grelier et la Possiblerie à Lapouyade, Gironde

800 fruit trees have been planted across the eight hectares of vines on the Domaine Emile Grelier, created by Benoît and Delphine Vinet in 2000. Tilling the soil and mowing are carried out in a limited, responsible way to protect fauna. Regular sowing between the rows adds natural nutrients for the vines and enriches the soil's structure. This experimental agroforestry site is also a refuge for birds, bats, insects and dragonflies, with the installation of nesting boxes, ponds and insect hotels. Benoît and Delphine Vinet are also behind La Possiblerie, an estate shared by a collective of 106 co-owners keen to bring an agricultural site back to life by carrying out different activities alongside each other in line with ethical, ecological and socially responsible values.

Guided tour: Sundays 12 September and 10 October from 11 am to 6 pm
Unguided tour: Sundays 12 September and 10 October at 2 pm

Unguided tour with 20 illustrated panels explaining the actions carried out in the vineyard to place it back at the heart of an ecosystem. Guided tours at 2 p.m.: September 12 on the theme of Agroforestry and October 10 on the theme of wetlands. Possibility to picnic on site.
Without reservation, subject to availability.

La Possiblerie
2 Bis Piconnat - 33620 Lapouyade

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