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from 14 July 2021 to 8 May 2022

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Ferme Yamashita à Chapet, Yvelines

Asafumi Yamashita is a renowned Japanese market gardener who settled near Paris in the village of Chapet (78). The vegetables that he grows are mostly known in France, but the varieties chosen are almost all native to Japan. His personality and his atypical career path have a direct influence on the quality of his vegetables: from choosing the seed to the precise time of harvest, each seedling grown is given particular attention, each step is carried out precisely and optimally like a ritual. He supplies top Michelin-starred chefs that he prefers to choose himself. He often likes to say that his vegetables are like his children!

Ferme Yamashita
2 Chemin des 3 Poiriers
78130 Chapet

Asafumi Yamashita,Régal N°52 © Laurent Grandadan