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from 14 July 2021 to 8 May 2022

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7. Seeds as living heritage

Caroline Miquel
Vegetable farmer, founder of Les Jardins Inspirés in Taillan-Médoc, she designed and sponsored this garden planted with the members of the association. 

Seeds as living heritage, main courtyard of the museum of decorative Arts and Design, June 2021
© madd-bordeaux

Tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes, cabbages, chards, lettuces, endives and red Mizunas: all the varieties that are planted here come from the living treasure of Les Jardins Inspirés, thousands of seeds that Caroline Miquel not only preserves and harvests every year but also collects from other market gardeners and enthusiasts from around the world. Based on the respect of the living, her approach takes into account the rhythms of the earth and the lunar calendar to carry out every step of the market gardening, from the seed to the seeds. 

Les Jardins Inspirés count about fifty members who contribute to making this farm located behind the Parc de Majolan, in Taillan-Médoc, a place to share knowledge and savoir-faire. 

“What has to be understood with farmer varieties is that when we plant ten lettuces, we eat nine of them and the tenth one, we let it grow and develop seeds. We collect them and we can sow once again. We have lettuces for life!” Caroline Miquel

June 2021 © madd-bordeaux

June 2021 © madd-bordeaux

July 2021 © madd-bordeaux

July 2021 © madd-bordeaux

The tags of the planters were made by primary schools children of Bordeaux. 

This space is alive, take care of it and share with us its evolution: